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New page of White Noise!




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War? What is it good for.

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cearbhal said: I think it works best if you picture every color moving in three directions, like a sheet of the next color over laid under and over every flat image of pixels. I love multiverse theory omg

I agree! It wouldn’t be best represented in 2D, I would assume the multiverse would go on in every dimension possible, even ones we can’t concieve of. Infinity is unimaginable anyway!


blackcoffeeandasidecar asked: I miss my goddoghter send pictures soon. Anyhow, what can you tell us about Hawk's parents? What about Numair's parents? Also how did the monarchy of Aetheri come to be and how has it evolved over the millennia?

Here is a picture of your goddoghter making sure I am at my desk working:

Ok let’s talk family!

Hawk’s mother and father are from Earth, actually! Mom was Soviet, Dad was American. They moved to Ardh shortly before Emry was born; I can tell you they moved to escape the Cold War, and that they both worked for a time in close contact with Aetheri for their respective countries. The Cold War was contentious enough without knowing that there were also other worlds out there full of (potentially) deadly, intelligent species. So they moved to Ardh hoping to not have to deal with either nuclear threat or demons and spirits. Welp!

Hawk’s mother always maintained she never cheated on her husband in having Hawk. Obviously no one believes that, though it’s strange that Hawk does in fact look like his dad, except for…the wings, and all. Hawk doesn’t have any answers about that.

We’ll hear a little more about his mother—who’s also Liya’s mother—a little later in this chapter. Just a bit, though. Liya, Hawk and Em made a point of not talking about her much.

On the other hand, Numair’s father was from a long line of d’Escala royals, and his mother was a Lait trader. She was not popular with the royal family, being A) not royal, B) not Aetherian, and C) not at all interested in fitting into Aetherian tradition. He was not popular with the rest of the d’Escala because he was extremely bullheaded and determined to bring in a new age of openness to Aetheri with other worlds, and went about doing so without a lot of delicacy and against the wishes of a lot of way more traditionalist Aetherians. For example: mere weeks after World War I ended, he initiated diplomatic relations with Earth by walking into a meeting between Allied powers and letting them know he was from another world (that they had no idea was a thing.)

Numair’s father was assassinated in 1989 while he was on a diplomatic visit to the Symphony Archipelago. Numair’s mother died giving birth to him, which is a highly suspicious way to die because magic ought to be able to cover for that sort of thing, so most people suspect she was actually assassinated too.

Numair looks rather a lot like his mother, and maybe because of that his father sort of ignored him growing up. Helly (who knew Numair’s mother when she was just a baby, lived with the Lait, and then moved with her to Escalus) took care of raising Numair instead. Numair is actually more socially liberal and uncompromising than his father, but also much, much more diplomatic about it.

Monarchy in Aetheri is stupid! It rose out of the fact that there was one family in charge of the emergency fortress on the river in olden days—the fortress was so important that eventually the family that ruled it came to rule the town as well, and then eventually united spirits all along the river. Over time the royal family became more and more disconnected from the people and became a little too warlike and ambitious.

The only big change in the monarchy happened after the Aetherians’ one great war, which happened about 7000 years ago and put the d’Escala in charge. It was a violent and bitter uprising and the former royal family was wiped out, large parts of the Palace were demolished and defaced, and a document was created to prevent it from happening again. The ‘constitution’ of Aetheri created A) the Assembly, which is a little like Congress, and B) a provision that specifically lists the right to oust a corrupted royal family by force as an inalienable right that the Aetherian people hold.

So the monarchy can be held well accountable for their actions due to threat of violent uprising. This has kept the d’Escala humble over time, at least. It hasn’t stopped them from bending rules, as long as they’re in the peoples’ favor (see: all the mentions of Numair getting people through the immigration system.)

The only other way that the monarchy has changed in 7000 years is that they’ve gradually gotten less isolationist. Not much, though. Obviously Numair’s father was assassinated for it. He’s also got an uncle that no one talks to because he married out of the species. Numair is the least popular with his family so far!

!!! I’m not 100% bullshit, hooray!! still using the color picker next time
Disclaimer: I am pretty sure that part is bullshit I made up. In fact, the only part of the multiverse theory I’m using that is based in real multiverse theory is the idea of there being infinite other universes that are sometimes like ours. I am not a scientist. 8D


tempestwitch asked: Worldbuilding Wensday time?! Woo! Bummer your not feeling well *hugs* On to the worldbuilding! How's the Royal Palace and city start out, grew naturally from settlement to Palace over the years, or big force came specifically to build up a big palace for a new kingdom/war center?

Good question! The city itself started as a small settlement along the river and is well over 50,000 years old. (Though now the oldest extant parts of the city are some underground bits that are about 20,000 years old.) The Palace was actually originally just an emergency fortress and was first built on the hill above the river about 35,000 years ago; it only became a royal palace around 20,000 years ago. Emergency fortresses with big walls were actually pretty necessary back then to house the townsfolk during certain times of the year; Escalus is not the only city to have had one of these, but it’s the only one that’s had the fortress survive in any way. All the others in other spirit cities along the river have been left to rot if they have not burned down, since it’s been at least 7000 years since they were last necessary for defense.

Oh my god I never thought about that, that’s gotta be terrible! Ugh what a cutie

His life improved significantly once someone found him a backscratcher.




So you explained this to me with soap bubbles when we were little and last semester I started talking about it in Phil. of Religion b/c I though it was real. I believed you. No one else had heard of it. The color picker explanation works better btw
A) I don’t remember this at all, but HILARIOUSLY I have already written in using the soap bubble explanation later on this chapter actually 8D and B) I’m almost positive I didn’t make that one up??? Multiverse theory is a thing, I just don’t remember if it includes soap bubbles. That feels like a theory article I read about in a science magazine. It’s probably bullshit!
That’s hilarious. 8D I’m sort of sorry??

EDIT: I DID NOT MAKE IT UP I just made it a little differently I think


cearbhal asked: Does hawk like havin his wings preened? This is for science

Absolutely 100% yes. It feels really good! Like getting a massage or having someone play with your hair. He fucking loves it.

Plus there’s a good section of feathers he has a hard time reaching.


burntumbra asked: Could you elaborate a bit on the way the different universes work in White Noise? Like, the cosmology, so to speak. Are they parallel universes, how many are there, etc things you probably covered in the comic and I missed XD

Sure! We have not actually gone in depth on that yet—it’ll be talked about some later on this current chapter, but I’m happy to give a basic rundown.

There are an infinite number of universes in White Noise! They are not exactly parallel worlds. The [generally accepted] theory is that all the universes to exist are arranged in really orderly fractals that are, as fractals are, infinite. Universes that are arranged next to each other in their bit of a fractal tend to be very alike—and since there’s an infinite number of possible universes, there are infinite numbers of ways in which those universes can be alike or different. Think of it like the color picker in Photoshop:

Where every single pixel is a different universe. Every pixel is a lot like the pixel next to it, but different enough that as the differences add on you’ve suddenly gotten from #000000 to #ffffff.

Earth and Ardh (which is the world the Symphony Archipelago is on) are next to each other in the fractal, and what’s more, Earth is in the spot in its universe that Ardh is in its own universe. So the two planets differ some in topography (since events that happened to the planet differed some over time) but they share common languages, species, and even really dumb and inexplicable things like soft drinks or pop stars. This might seem dumb, but since there’s infinite universes, there are also an infinite other Earth/Ardh-like planets in other like universes that don’t share brands of soft drinks, but do still all have an Elvis Presley.

Aetheri would normally be sort of nearby-ish in the fractal. It shares the same physics as the universes Earth and Ardh are in, but is in a different solar system in a different galaxy. And I say ‘normally’ because Aetheri is, actually, currently right up next to Earth and Ardh. This is because their neck of the multiverse woods is a little borked up for reasons White Noise will go into later this chapter. :D

Worldbuilding Wednesday!

Hey guys, bringing this back—feeling pretty bummed today frankly so I wanna think about fictional people instead.

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